What is a Relocation Liaison?

We are a link between you and many of the services you might need to assist you in your move and transition to a new area.

Who are the companies you link us with?

All companies we refer you to are those we know personally and have had many years experience working with or have used on a personal and/or business level over the years. We feel these are some of the best in their industry. Some may not be the “big” corporate names but their services are of the same caliber as those offered by the big companies. Not to be sucked in by the big corporate names, you will find many of the big corporate names also use them. You are just avoiding the middle man.

How do we request services?

Just inform us of the market (geographic) area you are interested in, indicate the services you would like, fill out the form and submit your request. You will receive an email pertaining to each service you request help with. You will also receive a follow up email from us to ensure your needs are being met.

How do we pay?

Payment options will be arranged with each service provider directly. We will not bill you in any way.

What if we have a problem with one of your service providers?

You should contact them directly and also send us an email. We want to stay on top of any good or bad situation to ensure we are linking our clients to the best possible provider the markets have to offer.

What if we don’t see our market listed?

Just click on the link in the middle of the home page to send us an inquiry. There is a good chance we will still be able to assist you in some of the areas you are looking for. We handle each client on a case by case basis.


What is corporate housing or furnished housing?

Corporate or furnished housing is one in the same. These are fully furnished apartments, privately owned condos or homes. Everything is included from furniture, linens, large and small appliances, brooms, mops ironing boards… to all kitchen needs; dishes, utensils, cookware, drinking & wine glasses… and all utilities inc. cable & internet.

Furnishing will vary based on need, market and owners. Some will include weekly maid service and local phone calls.

In many cases a package can be tailored to fit your need and budget.
Minimum length of stay will vary on market and owners. Most are a minimum of 30 days. Some markets will require you to pay a government-mandated tax. You might find you are tax exempt. Individuals should check with their employers.

What if my length of stay is less than 30 days?

Contact us; we can put you in touch with our hotel partners in some of the markets


What car services do you offer?

We can assist you across the country no matter your car service need. We assist with transportation needs ranging from single one time car service to vans for larger groups. If you are a business traveler that returns week after week, we can set up on-going services to take you to and from the airport every week. Often times it can be done at near or the same cost as a regular cab.

If you or your company has an individual arriving that does not speak English, we can arrange, in many cases to have a driver that speaks their language.


What level of education services do you provide?

We provide information and resources on public and private school options in areas that you are considering.

Can you arrange for school visits?

Yes, we can arrange for and/or accompany you to visit schools you may be interested in. Note that not all schools permit a tour of the building but we can arrange for a meeting with the principal, guidance counselor etc.

If I am unfamiliar with the school application process, can you assist?

Yes, we can guide you through the whole process from the initial application process, testing information (if required), school visits etc.

If my child has special needs, can you assist in finding an appropriate school/program for him/her?

We have a network of education specialists that can help you with the particular needs of your child.


Can I bring a nanny/domestic help from our country?

This will depends on the type of visa you have.

Can you provide information on nanny services and agencies?

Not only do we provide referrals to nanny agencies but we can provide guidelines on what to ask and look for when interviewing agencies on their services.

Do you have information on other childcare services?

We have details on day care centers in your preferred areas as well as family day care centers (day care in the provider’s home). Again, we provide specific questions and guidelines on interviewing day care center personnel as well as family day care providers.

How much will childcare cost?

The cost of daycare will depend on what type you select – nanny, day care center or family day care. While cost is a key factor, you also need to choose what type of service fits best with your child and your schedules.

What is the difference between day care and pre-school?

Pre-schools are usually half-day programs. Some pre-schools offer after-school at an additional cost.

At what age do children start pre-school?

In general, children start pre-school at age 2. The number of days they attend pre-school generally responds to their age, ie. 2 yr. olds will go to school two mornings or afternoons a week.

What type of curriculum do pre-schools follow?

Pre-schools vary in the type of programs they follow. We can provide you resources to help determine what would be the best fit for your child.