Who we are:

Fourteen years in the corporate housing industry, working with accounts from Fortune 500 and regional companies and countless individuals that are in your situation. My travels across the United States over these years have provided me a network that is unmatched in the industry. RELO LIAISON is opening their list of contacts to take the guess work out of finding solutions that fit your needs.

Our Objective:

The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line.

When relocating and traveling, this straight line is often skewed by the necessity to balance work, family and social lives. Add to that a new environment; where the faces are different and the needs have multiplied, this quickly becomes a recipe for disaster.

RELO LIAISON is here to connect you with an established and exclusive list of contacts, accumulated from years of personal and business experience. All you need to do is provide us with a geographic area and the services you require and the appropriate representative will contact you. The very best networks provided for the very best people.